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Hello everyone, hope you had a lovely weekend and had the chance to enjoy the first rays of sun! Today I visited the ‘Across Japan‘ exhibition at ModeMuseum Hasselt. Throughout the years Japanese fashion has become a strong brand. Today, it is setting the tone for fashion trends worldwide, in streetwear as well as couture.The fascinating innovations introduced by the Japanese avant-garde designers and their younger peers in combination with newer Western interpretations of the ‘Japanese’ aesthetics make up the core of Across Japan. At the same time, the show seeks to illustrate that this concern with Japan in the West is nothing new and has a long tradition going back to the seventeenth century. In Across Japan this unique cross-fertilization between Japanese and Western fashion is explored through a set of themes and a selection of noteworthy silhouettes supplemented with visuals aiming at pinpointing the peculiar nature of it.

If you’re in town, make a stop here, it’s so worth it. Every piece is a true delight to the eye. Very interesting to discover other cultures, their habits and their fashion (hi)story. To me, that’s only way to understand the Fashion industry of today. 

Kept the best for last: This one’s my favorite of the exhibition, I’d definitely say yes to the dress! Thank you so much for reading, enjoy your evening! Love, Eva

Visit the exhibition at ModeMuseum Hasselt. It runs until September 3rd.

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